What is mintoku work?

The reason why we can respond is the new way of working for foreigners,
Because it is a media specializing in Tokuteigino (Tokugi).

We hope that this "mintoku work" will help foreigners.
By continuing to respond to the desire to work in Japan,
I would like to create a workplace in Japan that we can be proud of to the world.

Recruiting companies that can agree with this request,
Companies that are looking for specific skilled workers,
Let's all respond to "I want to work in Japan".

Features of mintoku work

performance-based recruitment
workplace interview
Jobs with (visikomi)
By interviewing foreign seniors working at the workplace, you can deepen your understanding of work.
In addition, by providing real information in advance, it will stimulate the desire to apply and lead to securing better human resources.Above all, it can also be useful for preventing mismatches after work!
Overwhelming ability to attract customers

What is the specified Skilled Worker?

How to post a job

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mintoku work
Post job information
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final check!


About the fee structure
(Two plans to choose from)


No initial costs or fees
We have set up a reassuring performance reward type fee.

At the time of recruitment, a performance fee will be generated for each person.
Since the amount of remuneration differs depending on the type of job/region/skill level,
Please consult us separately.

Workplace interview (visikomi) type

By interviewing seniors working in the workplace,
You will have a better understanding of your work.

In addition, by providing real information in advance, it will stimulate the desire to apply and lead to securing better human resources.
Above all, it can also be useful for preventing mismatches after work!Click here for companies that hire many people throughout the year

Comprehensive concierge support

  • A multilingual concierge is always available to support applicants according to their nationality

  • Dedicated concierge confirms application qualifications, visas, etc.

  • Proposals after screening human resources that are more in line with your company's needs

SNS spread

  • Spreading job postings and workplace information by word of mouth using the Facebook messenger function

  • Using video commercials, it is possible to increase recognition and appeal to direct applicants unique to SNS

In hiring foreigners with Tokuteigino
This is the issue
It's listed!

  • There are so many documents!
    I don't know the procedure!

    Employment contract documents / immigration submission documents / audit documents / administrative procedures documents...
    The work becomes complicated because the method is different for each industry industry and the amount of documents is large in the first place!​

  • to specific skilled workers
    I want to implement re-education!​

    Improving your language level
    We have received requests such as that we would like to conduct acceptance training and pre-orientation, but do not know how to do it.
    In response to such voices, it is the first in the industry!
    We launched a training facility for Tokuteigino and developed a re-education program!

  • Which registration support agency
    I don't know if I should use it!​

    There are many registration support organizations now!Choosing which support organization to choose is an important first step in accepting foreigners with Tokuteigino.Please contact us first!​

Specified skill visa relief support

Foreign workers on specific skill visas
Building an acceptance system and
Application procedures to the Immigration Bureau
Please leave it to me!

Focusing on specific skill immigration application documents
It reduces man-hours and provides a sense of security.

We support the following application procedures.

  • Accepting companies, registration support organizations,
    Collecting necessary information from prospective applicants

  • Preparation of application documents

  • Intermediate assistance for application and receipt at each immigration office

Please leave it to me!

Application speed and accuracy based on extensive experience
Build a professional administrative scrivener network,
Realize high-precision application from abundant experience.
Speed ​​from hiring decision to permission
We provide a backyard that is particular about.​

Tokyo1-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Shinjuku Building 8F

The industry's first pre-deployment training program

CAMTECH Educ.Academy

Training for Tokuteigino​

2 to 4 days to prepare for the specific skill No. 1 exam

It is possible to accept students from different industries and take multiple occupations.

There is also a review course in Japanese only,
Online only is also possible

  • Point01

    Education I
    ・Original training for accepting companies
    ・Japanese language education by class
    ・ Review online at any time
    ・Supplementary small group lessons
  • Point02

    Education II
    ・Employability education
    Employable Skills Education
    ・Labor Quality Program
    Improving labor quality
  • Point03

    Livelihood I
    ・Disciplined group life
    ・Life culture education
    History, Cuisine, Japanese Culture
    ・Regional development activities
  • Point04

    Livelihood II
    ・Sports competition
    ・Circle and club activities
    ・Responding to corporate requests

Original until assignment
Realize consistent service!

Pre-assignment training using video manuals

Lecture before joining the company

Implementation of life orientation

Camtech Educ Academy

Osaka6-25-1 Okada, Sennan City
10 minutes by car from Kansai International Airport (we will pick you up)
TEL: 072-480-2110

We are looking for a registration support organization!

Once it is decided to hire a specific human resource,
From here, the procedure including immigration application documents starts.

When you need to prepare life infrastructure or follow up after work,
We will introduce the registration support organization.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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