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Minna No Tokugi is a matching site for foreigners who wish to find employment with Tokuteigino.

New career change service with career change 1 support.
Introduce how the Advisor works.

Familiarity with changing jobs, from selection to interviews and joining the company
Advisor support.

Even if you are worried about changing jobs alone,
You can challenge with confidence because you have an advisor!

What happens if I consult with you?

Looking for a job with a career change professional

Let's consult first, it's OK.
If you have any concerns or doubts
Please feel free to contact us.

just tell us your wishes

If you tell us the conditions
We will introduce you to the job vacancies and jobs that are perfect for you.
It's easier than searching by yourself!

Post-application support

Whether you leave it to your advisor or search for a job yourself, there are many more benefits after applying.

Proceed to quick selection
From chat to speed
proceed to selection.
No need to wait days to be contacted!
Scheduling interviews is easy
If you leave it to your advisor,
easy with chat
You can book an interview.
Follow up before interview
Advisors will support you even before the interview.
not in the ad
We will deliver useful information.
Follow-up before joining the company
Even after the job offer is decided, consultation is OK.
Advisors will support you until you join the company.
Job introduction support even if not hired
In addition to the job you applied for
find a job that suits you
I will introduce it in addition.

Advisor usage example


Apply from the consultation form

Simply fill out the form below with your name, contact information, and other information, and your registration will be completed in no time!The advisor in charge will check the work you have done so far and the conditions of the desired job, and will send you a job that is perfect for you.
About job change and job offer
If you don't understand something,
Better ask first!
・Hearing about job expectations and concerns
・Job introduction based on your wishes and aptitude
・Application acceptance
・Interview appointment reception
Please tell me about yourself.
Because it's an important job change.
Please tell me the hard things!

Pre-interview follow-up

How to explain your motivation, how to appeal your strengths...Everyone gets nervous before an interview.Work with your advisor to find out what questions you might be asked during the interview so that you can speak calmly.
What is important in an interview is
Be able to speak with confidence.
Doubts and concerns
Let's solve it in advance!


After the interview, we will ask you about your impressions and responses, and give you an evaluation from the HR staff.If you have had an interview but are unsure, or if you are considering multiple companies, please also refer to the advice of your advisor.
know the company well
Talking to an advisor
It will make it easier for you to decide what to do!

Notification of success/confirmation of intent

As a result of the interview, when you receive a job offer, an advisor will confirm your intention to join the company.If there is anything you would like to confirm about conditions such as salary, work style, etc., please tell me anything frankly.The advisor will speak to the company.
In order not to regret
About working conditions and company rules,
Let's get it right!

Follow-up before joining the company

Once you join the company, we will guide you through the necessary procedures and preparations before your first day at work.If this is your first time changing jobs, you may feel anxious after coming here.An advisor will listen to your reasons for changing jobs and your future career image and will support you until the end!
It's finally time to join the company!
Changing jobs is the first step.
Let's go to work with all possible preparations.


congratulations!Please do your best in the new stage.For those who couldn't decide on a new job through interviews and subsequent exchanges, we will introduce the following job openings.The advisor in charge will follow up until you succeed in changing jobs, so please feel free to leave it to us.
Advisor will support
think only of yourself
You can move forward with your job change!

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