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Can Japanese people apply for this site?
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The job information on this site is for foreigners who work with a status of residence of "Specific Skills" or "Technology / Humanities / International Services".Not available to Japanese (Japanese nationality).
What is the status of residence "Specific Skills"?
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This is a status of residence issued to foreign workers who meet certain conditions.
Compared to technical intern training, it is not limited to specialized and technical employment, and the period is 1 years for No. 5 and no upper limit for No. 2, making it possible to work for a longer period of time.
However, the industries in which you can work are limited.
What is the required educational background in my home country for a particular skill?
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There are no rules regarding educational background.However, you must be at least 18 years of age.
After the technical intern training is over, we plan to change to a specific skill.If so, do I need to return home?
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If a person who has completed Technical Intern Training No. 2 switches to NPO No. 1, temporary return is not a legal requirement.
However, if you wish, you should consult with the host company of the specific skill.
How long does it take to process the status of residence for a specific skill?
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Although it depends on the content of the application, as a guide, the following residence examination processing period (days) has been announced by the Immigration Bureau.
If you have enough documents, you can often get permission in about 30 days.
Also, if the documents are incomplete or missing, you will be asked to submit additional materials, but if it takes time to submit the additional materials, it will take days until permission is obtained.
There was a talk that "proof of successfully completing Technical Intern Training No. 2" is necessary when switching to a specific skill. What kind of "proof of successful completion of Technical Intern Training No. 2" is required?
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The following two points are the conditions for successfully completing Technical Intern Training No. 2.

・ Completed Technical Intern Training No. 2 for 2 years and 10 months or more
・ Have passed the practical test of the skill test level 3 or the technical intern training evaluation test.

Therefore, a certificate of passing the technical intern training evaluation test is required.

After the Technical Intern Training Law came into effect on November 2017, 11, it is obligatory to take the technical intern training level 1 or the technical intern training evaluation test before completing the technical intern training No. 2.

However, before that, it was not mandatory to take the practical test of the skill test level 3 or the technical intern training evaluation test, so some former trainees have not taken the test equivalent to the skill test level 3.

In that case, it is necessary to have the company and the supervising organization that were practicing prepare an "evaluation record".

The "evaluation record" is the one that describes the following contents.

・ Attendance status during training at that time
・ Skill acquisition status
・ Lifestyle and Japanese ability

With this evaluation record, even if you have not passed the 3rd grade of the Technical Intern Training, it will be recognized that you have successfully completed Technical Intern Training No. 2.
It is said that foreigners with "Tokuteigino" can change jobs. In what cases are they allowed to change jobs?In that case, what kind of procedure is required?
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It is acceptable if the foreigner with a specific skill changes jobs in the same field and the business division is the same.You also need to apply for permission to change your status of residence.
"If I am unemployed due to the circumstances of the host company while working with a specific skill, do I have to return to Japan immediately?
開 く
Even if a foreigner with a specific skill loses his / her job, he / she does not have to return to Japan immediately.
However, the status of residence may be revoked if you do not engage in activities related to "specified skills" for more than three months without justifiable reasons, such as staying in Japan without looking for a job for more than three months.
Is it possible for foreigners with Tokuteigino to work for multiple companies at the same time? (Company A during the day, Company B at night, etc.)
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Since non-skilled foreigners are required to work full-time, non-skilled foreigners cannot work at multiple companies at the same time.
Do foreigners with Tokuteigino have bonuses and salary increases?
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Bonuses and salary increases are not always necessary.However, equal pay for equal work is applied, and it is necessary that the amount is equal to or higher than the amount of compensation for Japanese workers.
The amount of remuneration for non-designated foreigners should not be unreasonably low because they are foreigners, so I think that there are many cases where bonuses and salary increases are actually given.
Who will pay the airfare when returning to Japan after completing a specific skill?
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Basically, the person himself / herself will bear the air wage when returning to Japan.
Can foreigners with Tokuteigino also work night shifts or shifts?
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Night shifts and shifts are also possible.However, Japanese workers with the same conditions are required.
In what field is Specified Skill No. 2 recognized?
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"Construction field" and "Shipbuilding / marine industry field".

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