• ・Promotion of group company business
    strategies and back office operations

  • ・Staffing and introduction business ・Outsourcing business
    ・Foreign employment support business

  • ・Recruitment agency business/
    human resources introduction business

  • ・New graduate recruitment marketing business

  • ・UI/UX design business ・Matching platform development business
    ・Pre-training video business ・Own media launch business

  • ・Foreign employment support media business/ advertisement business

  • ・System development business ・Consulting business ・Management business

  • ・Short-term/one-time staffing/recruitment business
    ・Logistics shifting business

  • ・Logistics platform business ・Logistics outsourcing business

  • ・Website production business ・Recruitment support system Tenriku management business
    ・Advertisement management business such as Indeed
    ・Recruitment site tenichi® management business

  • ・Employment of people with disabilities/employment support business
    ・Childcare business ・Office space business

  • ・Outsourcing business ・WEB production business
    ・Recruitment service business

Camcom Group
nationwide bases

Camcom GroupGlobal Network

Camcom Group has 169 locations in approximately 60 cities in Japan.


  • Tokyo

    ●Metropolitan Area Headquarters (Head Office)

  • Nagano

    Shinjuku office

    ●Nagano office

  • Tokyo

    ●Metropolitan Area Headquarters (Head Office)

    Nishi-Shinjuku Development Center

educ academy

  • Chiba

    Eduac Academy Narita

  • Osaka

    Osaka Prefecture

  • Hokkaido

    Sapporo store

  • Iwate

    Iwate store

    Ichinoseki store

  • Miyagi

    ●Tohoku Headquarters (Sendai Store)

    Furukawa store

  • Yamagata

    Yamagata store

  • Fukushima

    Iwaki store

    Koriyama store

    Fukushima store

  • Tochigi

    ●Kita-Kanto Headquarters (Utsunomiya store)

    Koyama store

  • Ibaraki

    Tsukuba store

  • Gunma

    Takasaki store

    Ota store

  • Saitama

    Kumagaya store

    Kawagoe store

  • Tokyo

    ●Metropolitan Area Headquarters (Head Office)

    Nishi-Shinjuku Concierge Center (Shinjuku store)

    Nishi-Shinjuku Development Center

  • Chiba

    Chiba store

  • Kanagawa

    Atsugi store

    Yokohama store

  • Yamanashi

    Yamanashi store

    Fujiyoshida store

  • Nagano

    ●Koshinetsu Headquarters (Nagano store)

    Ueda store

    Matsumoto store

    Suwa store

    Ina store

    Iida store

  • Niigata

    Niigata store

    Nagaoka store

    Joetsu store

  • Toyama

    ●Hokuriku Headquarters (Toyama store)

  • Ishikawa

    Komatsu store

  • Fukui

    Fukui store

  • Shizuoka

    Fuji store

    Shizuoka store

    Hamamatsu store

  • Aichi

    ●Tokai Headquarters (Nagoya store)

    Kariya store

    Toyohashi store

    Komaki store

    Toyota store

    Inazawa store

  • Mie

    Yokkaichi store

    Matsusaka store

    Nabari store

  • Shiga

    Shiga store

    Omihachiman store

  • Osaka

    ●Kansai headquarters (Osaka store)

  • Hyogo

    Himeji store

    Amagasaki store

  • Hiroshima

    ●Chugoku/Shikoku Headquarters (Hiroshima store)

    Higashihiroshima store

  • Okayama

    Okayama store

  • Fukuoka

    ●Kyushu Headquarters (Fukuoka Store)

    Kitakyushu store

  • Kumamoto

    Kumamoto store

  • Tokyo

    Tokyo headquarters

  • Miyagi

    Miyagi store (Miyagi headquarters)

  • Gunma

    Takasaki store (Gunma headquarters)

  • Tochigi

    Oyama store (Tochigi headquarters)

  • Ibaraki

    Tsukuba store (Ibaraki headquarters)

  • Chiba

    Funabashi store (Chiba headquarters)

  • Saitama

    Omiya store (Saitama headquarters)

  • Kanagawa

    Yokohama store (Kanagawa headquarters)

  • Yamanashi

    Yamanashi store (Yamanashi headquarters)

  • Shizuoka

    Shizuoka store (Shizuoka headquarters)

  • Aichi

    Nagoya store (Aichi headquarters)

  • Mie

    Yokkaichi store (Mie headquarters)

  • Osaka

    Osaka store (Osaka headquarters)

  • Fukuoka

    Fukuoka store (Fukuoka headquarters)

  • Tokyo

    ●Nishi-Shinjuku Concierge Center (Head Office)

  • Tokyo

    ●Shinagawa (head office)



    Koto I / Koto IV

  • Chiba



    Minami Funabashi

  • Osaka


  • Tokyo

    ●Metropolitan Area Headquarters (Head Office)

    Shinjuku BASE

    Osaka BASE

  • Tokyo

    ●Nishi-Shinjuku Development Center (Head Office)

  • Tokyo

    ●Metropolitan Area Headquarters (Head Office)

  • Tokyo

    ●Nishi-Shinjuku Development Center (Head Office)

  • Tokyo

    ●Nishi-Shinjuku Development Center (Head Office)

  • Vietnam

    Hanoi (Headquarters)

  • Tokyo

    ●Metropolitan Area Headquarters (Head Office)

    SAKURA Shinjuku Center

    SAKURA Waseda Center

    SAKURA Suginami Center

    SAKURA Ikebukuro Center

    SAKURA Kamata Center

  • Saitama

    SAKURA Warabi Center

  • Gunma

    SAKURA Maebashi Center

    SAKURA Nagano Center

  • Nagano

    SAKURA Nagano Minami Center

    SAKURA Matsumoto Central Center

    SAKURA Matsumoto Center

    SAKURA Okaya Center

  • Niigata

    SAKURA Niigata Center

    SAKURA Niigata NEXT Center

  • Tyama

    SAKURA Toyama Center

  • Ymanashi

    SAKURA Yamanashi Center

  • Fukuoka

    SAKURA Fukuoka Tenjin Center


  • Tokyo

    ●Metropolitan Area Headquarters (Head Office)


  • Fukuoka

    Fukuoka office


  • Tokyo


  • Saitama


JOE cooperative

  • Tokyo

    Shinjuku office

  • Aichi

    Nagoya office

What is Camcom Group?

Camcom group Growth so far

Camcom Group was founded in 1990 as a temporary staffing company in Nagano Prefecture.
In the 2000s, we expanded our business with a focus on temporary staffing in the manufacturing field, growing into one of the nation’s leading staffing companies. At the same time, we consolidated backyard functions and head office functions and improved operational efficiency.
In the wake of the Lehman Shock, we have transformed from a monoculture of only manufacturing dispatch to a human resources company that makes complex proposals, such as BPO and HR tech, and are expanding the scale of our services.
The average annual growth rate from 2007 to 2021 has been approximately 15%.
In 2019, sales exceeded 100 billion yen.

Temporary staffing department performance figures

  • Amount of sales


    Billion yen

    Profitable business for 22 consecutive years since establishment

  • Number of bases




    2 overseas bases Vietnam and Indonesia

  • Number of customer




    Manufacturing industry:
    Approximately 5,000 companies
    Logistics industry: Approximately 2,500 companies

    (contracted with 40 companies
    out of the top 50 in logistics ranking)

  • Number of employees


  • Human resources

    ・People who want to change jobs
    ・Temporary registrants・Students


    (specific skills/technical interns/technician countries)

    ・People with disabilities ・Freelance

  • Staffing management system Number of users

    (developed in-house)



    Number of top-class companies
    in the manufacturing field

Build a bright career future through Japan-Vietnam human resource circulation.

Founded in 2019. Our mission is to develop the professional skills of overseas and Vietnamese human resources of Japanese companies,
and create a workplace where they can build their careers through the circulation of human resources between Japan and Vietnam.

camcom indonesia

Working together to address labor issues,
Building international infrastructure

  • Japanese human resources company

    Participated in a Japanese human resources company group
    for 33 years. Service delivery.

  • High productivity and accuracy

    Visualize data aggregation know-how.
    Achieving outstanding efficiency and quality.

  • Collaboration with sending organizations

    We partner with over 40 sending organizations to
    provide a transparent contract environment.

  • Corporate site


  • Working together with the government

    Developing highly public projects with the Indonesian government.

  • University collaboration development

    It is possible to share highhigh-skilled human resources through strong connections with each university.

  • University collaboration development

    It is possible to share high-level Japanese language education through collaboration with local educational institutions.

Aiming to be the best partner to walk with you.

As globalization progresses, we are entering an era of increased interaction and cooperation between people from different backgrounds. We support coexistence with foreigners and support growth by providing services.

  • Specializing in visa applications

    An administrative scrivener’s office that specializes in foreign visa applications and provides optimal services.

  • High productivity and accuracy

    Visualize data aggregation know-how.
    Achieving outstanding efficiency and quality.

  • Abundant patent applications

    Over 300 cases per year. Various consultations.
    Appropriate support based on track record.

  • high acceptance rate

    Specific skill application rate is almost 100%.
    Support with the latest knowledge. explanation. Full refund.

  • Corporate site